Barry, Me & Tai Chi

I am not a scientist. I am not a health care professional. But all my life I have been very intuitive. Something is telling me that tai chi will help Barry…a lot. Tai chi, meditation and good nutrition. Seems like common sense. And, indeed, if I go online, I can find examples that will back me up. So…while it’s clear to me, it’s actually Barry that has to embrace the concept. I’ve been challenged in presenting it to him in just the right way so as to be convincing…not new-agey but grounded in science. I can be bossy, too. Sometimes that helps but one must use it judiciously.

I bought “Tai Cheng” from I was impressed with the results our son, Noah, was getting from P90X, another program sold by the same company, so I had an established level of trust and confidence when I ordered “Tai Cheng” for Barry, even though I had never seen a preview or recommendation.

It’s good. Barry, who is starting to experience some rigidity in his joints, is loosening up and increasing his range of motion in just the first week. I’m starting the second week and I feel the muscles in my core and am very aware of keeping my posture aligned. The workouts, to start, are only 35 minutes long, so it’s easy to stay motivated and, as you start to feel the difference, you WANT to workout!

About Eat With A Spoon Goodness

I'm an artist: a graphic designer and photographer by trade and a cook at heart. I think, at some point in my life, the talents will converge and I will finally write and illustrate my own cookbook. I have a wonderful husband, Barry, and three great, all grown up, kids. I'm looking forward to learning new things, sharing ideas and information, and making new friends.
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